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Archive for August, 2010

Calling time on supermarkets’ sale of cheap, strong alcohol

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Now I’m back off my summer holidays there are a wide variety of issues I want to tackle; one of which is the sale of cheap, strong alcohol. Although I will obviously have more important priorities to deal with such as the continued issues concerning the state of the economy I feel cheap, strong alcohol sold by supermarkets is a major problem that we need to address.

Along with my AGMA colleagues I discussed the problem recently and although it’s still in its early stages, I hope we can reach agreement on the best way of calling time on what is a problem for all of us.

I see introducing a unit pricing policy as a step in the right direction, which would effectively mean the price of strong alcohol would go up making it less attractive to buy over the counter at shopping outlets. As it stands it is sold at discounted prices to get customers through the door.

I hope we can work in partnership with supermarkets on this and find some common ground, rather than enforcing them to act for, what I believe, is the wider community’s benefit.

But I do feel that if this is going to work, along with all the other Greater Manchester authorities, we would have to introduce it at the same time, otherwise people would just migrate to where they could still buy it cheaply.

I know this issue may not be that popular with everyone, but I am convinced that a vast majority of people both in Tameside and elsewhere would welcome such an initiative.
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