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Working differently

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Image of the Executive Leader, Cllr Kieran QuinnAs I stated in my first Annual Address this week these are extremely tough times we are facing that will require us to make some extremely tough decisions. Over the last month I have had some of the hardest meetings imaginable and had to make some of the most difficult decisions of my political career to date. This has ultimately meant updating my blog has suffered, but also why this blog is probably the most important I’ve written so far.
Thanks to the unanimous support of my Labour group colleagues, I feel we can look forward to the future with some optimism. Saying that, we can’t ignore the fact that the coming months and years are going to be tough for all the borough’s residents which means, more than ever, they will be looking to us for help and support.
Tameside Council has many and varied positives to offer its residents and I would have obviously preferred to use my blog to outline these plus clarify how we are continuing the investment we have seen over the last decade.
And that’s why the past few weeks have been so difficult; trying to make these difficult decisions in a way that will have as little impact on our residents as possible.
Over the next four years our cuts will be around £100million pounds. We also know the cuts are being “front loaded” meaning that next year we will need to save in excess of £37million.
Put into context this means we must save more in one year than we have cumulatively saved over the last seven.
However my speech was also full of hope for the future and highlighted what will be our mantra going forward: safeguard services, safeguard jobs and promote investment and growth.

Because my blog has a limited word count I do hope you can find the time to read my speech in its entirety my clicking on: tameside.gov.uk/keynote10/speech

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