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Archive for May, 2014

Be proud of Tameside

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

As I travel around the borough residents constantly remind me that a key priority for them is keeping the area where they live, clean and tidy. It’s something they are passionate about.

I’ll be the first to admit that I completely agree and share their displeasure at, what is, one of the main forms of anti-social behaviour that affects us all. That’s why I have a zero tolerance approach to what I see as an environmental crime against our borough.

It’s well documented that Tameside has been hit hard by central government cuts, so in order to maintain litter-free streets we have adopted some innovative solutions including working smartly with reduced staff and applying tightly co-ordinated clean-up operations.

I think it is also important to thank the vast majority of residents who take pride in their local communities each and every day. It’s just a shame that all their hard and dedicated work is undermined by a small but determined minority who continually insist on disrespecting the areas in which they live.

This lack of respect extends to dog owners who allow their pet to foul our streets and parks. The dog population in Tameside is estimated at 30,000, producing around 12 tonnes of excrement a day so it’s easy to see how this problem can get out of hand.

Residents can help by reporting flytipping or, just as importantly, those responsible.

The vast majority of our residents’ recycling efforts are exemplary; again something I would like to thank them for and with the information available on our website on what and how to recycle the rest have no excuse for not following suit. You can find everything you need to know about recycling in Tameside.

A litter free Tameside is a shared goal, clean streets make citizens feel better about themselves and where they live, encourage people to visit Tameside and attract investment from business and industry – help us make Tameside an area we can all be proud of.

Why supporting Mental Health Week is important

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

The hectic pace of modern life brings with it levels of stress and anxiety unlike anything we have ever experienced. Working long hours, the high cost of living, bills and debts are just a few of the issues which can lead to us feeling anxious.

Short-term anxiety can actually be useful though. Feeling nervous before a job interview, for example, can make you feel more alert, and enhance your performance. However, if the feelings of anxiety overwhelm you, your ability to concentrate and do well may suffer. If anxiety persists it can have both short and long term effects on your mental and physical health. It can affect your sleep, appetite and ability to concentrate. Panic attacks, depression and high blood pressure are just some of the by-products of persistent anxiety. One in four of us will experience some kind of metal health related illness in our lifetimes.

This is why I fully support Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is anxiety and I encourage everyone to visit the Mental Health Foundation website here to help raise awareness and seek help if needed.

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